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Slipped Disc

Human vertebral column has 26 vertebrae. Each vertebra lies over another and in between lies padded cushion to absorb the shock of physical jerks and movements. The spinal nerves control the vital functions of body. The cushioned disc lying in between the two vertebrae provide support from wear and tear and over load. There are many diseased conditions associated with spine and vertebral column. The most important of them are the three that resemble somewhat similar and are confusing to a common person. These conditions are

  • Slip disc
  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylitis

Treatment Of Slipped Disc

Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc comprise of a cocktail of panchkarma therapies, herbal medicines and specific exercises (yoga). The combination of these three things result in

  • Increased flexibility and strength of surrounding muscles.
  • Reduced symptoms of pain, numbness and burning sensation of joint.
  • Proper alignment of the spine in its original position so that the pressure over the nerve can be removed.

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