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Treatment Of Slip Disc

Treatment Of Slip Disc

Ayurvedic way of treating slip disc and other spine diseases

Ayurveda panchkarma treatments and medicines does magic in joint care. Slip disc is caused because of some physical trauma or mechanical pressure due to wrong posture, continuous sitting or any other reason. Panchkarma therapies does detoxification of body, oleation makes the surrounding muscle flexible which reduces symptoms and yoga therapies and exercises make the vertebral column in its real position and shape. Herbal medicines help to relieve the symptoms internally. Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc comprise of a cocktail of panchkarma therapies, herbal medicines and specific exercises (yoga). The combination of these three things result in

  • Increased flexibility and strength of surrounding muscles.
  • Reduced symptoms of pain, numbness and burning sensation of joint.
  • Proper alignment of the spine in its original position so that the pressure over the nerve can be removed.

Ayurveda therapies like kati vasti, elakizhi, lepa, vasti and many others are done consecutively for duration of 20-25 days along with yoga, exercise and ayurveda medicines for the complete cure of slip disc. After the panchakarma treatments, patient need to continue herbal medicines for duration 3-4 months or sometimes more depending on one’s condition. These ayurveda treatments combined together have the power to cure slipped disc without surgery. Ayurveda is not a magic science but a logical science. Have confidence in the 5000 years old holistic system of medicine which can help you to get rid of your slipped disc or a painful surgical procedure is waiting for you.

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Do’s and don’ts in slip disc

  • Choose a normal bed for sleeping (neither too soft nor too hard).
  • Avoid constipation as it may put extra pressure on the muscles thus worsening the symptoms.
  • Avoid hard physical exercises by yourself.
  • Avoid fast food, junk food and heavily digestible food stuffs.